Welcome to Turkomar Marble company. We have an excellent range to choose from such as travertine tiles & pavers, limestone tiles & pavers and marble.

We are sure you will find the perfect finish to your project. Our natural stone products are the finest quality and have been carefully selected. We offer worldwide delivery to your door. The product categories we deal with are  tiles, pavers, pool copings and applications. Also we can provide our customers slabs and blocks.

Turkomar Marble specializes in production. All types of natural stone products, especially travertine and limestone. Our products are suitable for interior & exterior use. Recommended by architects on commercial projects due to their hard wearing and timeless qualities. 

We have combined in-depth landscape experience and technical knowledge to create a range of natural stone products that are renowned for outstanding quality and beauty.





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Is travertine tile still in style?

Travertine, which has been used for many years, is still in widespread use today. These natural stones, which we frequently encounter in modern architecture with various travertine colors and different surface options, seem to not lose their popularity for many years.

What is the travertine filled with?

A smooth appearance is obtained by filling the travertine stones with epoxy or cement. The cement fill looks more compatible with the natural structure of the travertine and ensures that it preserves its authentic appearance.

What is a French pattern set?

French Pattern Set of tiles includes 6 different pieces in sizes like 8” x 8” (two pieces), 16” x 24” (one piece), 16” x 16” (two pieces), and 8” x 16”  (one piece).The general placement of the travertine natural stones in this set is as in the image

(The image consists of two sets.)